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Our Peace Of History
documents stories of Caribbean settlers

24 November 2011
by Chinwe Ojielo

Yvonne Archer

Life According to Maas Roy

The untold stories of Caribbean settlers in Britain can now be told through a project called Our Peace Of History.

Conceptualised by Stanley Roy Archer and his daughter Yvonne Archer, the project promotes peace through the arts by helping people share their stories with the community.

We have to be responsible for documenting our history within our own community. We can’t wait for other people to tell our stories. When we tell our stories, then hopefully people will learn from them and people will understand that history is going on all around us, says Yvonne.

Together the duo have published “Life According to Maas Roy” Stanley’s memoirs of his experience moving to Britain from Jamaica, serving in the military and his return to his homeland.

Maas Roy

Written in mind to help other people to tell their story, in the book we learn what it was like for a young black man to fight for the British army through national service. We go through Stanley’s experience raising his daughter as a single parent, and how he helped transform his community upon his return to Jamaica.

Stanley feels that we should all be striving to give back, no matter if we have plenty or little; there is still something that we can all share with somebody.

We might complain about life, poverty, no work, hunger, but life has been very good to the majority of us, therefore we should reach a stage where we are able to give back something to the community.

Article origin: the afro news